ISE 2018

Smart Building Conference I don’t do much resi these days, but two weeks before ISE I was asked to help plan a smart apartment for a well-off businessman. He wants to control everything with Alexa. After looking into it, I realized there would not be much programming to do. Music streaming, audio distribution, intercom, lights, … Read more

Infrared Control With Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO

Download ControlPi You can find the latest ControlPi image here… IR Database You can find IR drivers here in the LIRC database… [clickfunnels_embed height=”650″ url=”” scroll=”yes”] Edit IR Driver File To edit the IR driver file on your Raspberry Pi, use the following command with SSH: sudo nano /etc/lirc/lircd.conf GPIO Pinout ControlPi 0.3.0 has GPIO … Read more

How To Use IFTTT With NodeRED

    IFTTT Key Here is a link to get your IFTTT key (you need to be logged into IFTTT):   IFTTT Trigger Event URL Here is the URL to trigger an event on IFTTT (replace everything between {{ }} with your information):{{event}}/with/key/{{yourIftttKey}}