ISE 2018

Smart Building Conference I don’t do much resi these days, but two weeks before ISE I was asked to help plan a smart apartment for a well-off businessman. He wants to control everything with Alexa. After looking into it, I realized there would not be much programming to do. Music streaming, audio distribution, intercom, lights, … Read more

Infrared Control With Raspberry Pi 3 GPIO

Download ControlPi You can find the latest ControlPi image here… IR Database You can find IR drivers here in the LIRC database… [clickfunnels_embed height=”650″ url=”” scroll=”yes”] Edit IR Driver File To edit the IR driver file on your Raspberry Pi, use the following command with SSH: sudo nano /etc/lirc/lircd.conf GPIO Pinout ControlPi 0.3.0 has GPIO … Read more

How To Use IFTTT With NodeRED

    IFTTT Key Here is a link to get your IFTTT key (you need to be logged into IFTTT):   IFTTT Trigger Event URL Here is the URL to trigger an event on IFTTT (replace everything between {{ }} with your information):{{event}}/with/key/{{yourIftttKey}}  

What iOS11 Means for AV

Probably not much. At first glance, things like machine learning with CoreML, augmented reality with ARKit and Business Chat do not look very useful for making better AV/IT systems. CoreML Machine Learning and Business Chat But what if we combined the Natural Language Processing that CoreML provides with Business Chat to offer custom support? The … Read more