Catch Connect Tutorial



Enabling the IoT for AV/IT

Online services like Amazon Alexa and IFTTT open up a whole world of control and integration opportunities.

But what if you have a custom application that isn’t supported?

Or what if you need to control something that doesn’t have internet access?

What about devices with no network connection?

Catch Connect Makes It Easy To…

  • Remotely Manage And Control AV Devices Over A Secure Connection
  • Integrate With Hundreds Of Services Through IFTTT
  • Integrate Any Device With Alexa Smart Home
  • Intergrate With Alexa For Business
  • Make Changes: Without Calling A Programmer
  • Integrate With Enterprise Calendars: Like Office 365
  • Automatically Track Anything: In A Spreadsheet or Calendar
  • Stay Informed: By Phone Call, Text or Email
  • Set Up Location Based Control: And Watch The World Adjust To Your Presence
  • And So Much More…

Getting Started

Catch Connect uses a Raspberry Pi or Windows machine on the local network to create a secure connection to your devices.
This tutorial shows you how to…

  • Create a Catch Connect Account
  • Set up the local Catch Connect Client
  • Remotely manage and control devices
  • Integrate anything with Alexa


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